Here’s a few handy painting secrets that save you money

Friday, 28 April 2017 09:46

Written by Morteza (Morty) Sadeghi

Times are tough enough and the chances are if you’ve just bought a new home, there’s not a lot of money to spare. We know all about looking for the best value because that’s just what mortgage brokers do well and when it comes to home renovations, there are a few hints we can pass along, especially when it comes to painting.

Every pro painter will tell you a big portion of any large job is in the preparation generally and sanding those walls down to a smooth finish specifically. If you can get even part of this job done before the professionals arrive, all the better for your pocketbook. Use fine grit sandpaper and remember to work from the baseboards to the ceiling. Be gentle with that sanding pole as well. Too much pressure can cause it to flip over or break and damage the wall.
Taping is one of those jobs where you need to be thorough to make sure none of the paint bleeds through and damages what was covered underneath. Pressing down on the tape with a putty knife ensures a good seal that won’t bleed through.
Running a screwdriver along the ridge of a textured ceiling ensures there won’t be a bump that gets painted on by mistake.

These are all great hints for changing the look of the place after you’ve bought it. However, you need to look for mortgage brokers that have a wealth of experience to get you the right terms so you’ll have a little extra for those renovations. That’s where we come in because our dedication to 100% client satisfaction is unwavering. Our job is getting you the proper mortgage and we’ll scout the lending landscape to make sure it happens.