Why Choose OMJ

Doctor Finance: Knowledgeable Senior Ex- Bankers

Our professionals have over 40 years of industry experience as previous bank managers at major financial institutions. That’s the expertise we bring to your financing. With our strong ties to major lenders and thorough knowledge of all available products, we’ll find you the best mortgage solution, terms and conditions that fit your particular requirements.

Preferred Rates

As a reputable mortgage broker, we have direct access to virtually every major lender in Canada and a wide range of rates and features. We are a member of The President’s Club with several ‘A’ lenders (Banks) and get the preferential interest rates and exceptions we pass along to you.

Value Added Service

OMJ Mortgage Capital provides independent, unbiased advice. From the time we issue a mortgage pre-approval and until the final commitment and closing, we’ll guide you through the process. We ensure our clients meet all terms and conditions from pre-approval until final commitment. Our goal is maintaining long-term relationships with our clients and coaching them from the time of purchase until closing.

Fast Approvals and Closings

We pride ourselves on fast turnaround times and quick approvals. With all the right documentation, that usually means an approval in 24 to 48 hours. Our loan process is fast and easy—you can even do it online. Closings as fast as 7 days are common.

Customized and Creative Mortgage Solutions

Our experienced team of mortgage professionals has a deep understanding of real estate and financing structures, which gives us the ability to meet the borrowing requirements of clients that fall outside traditional lending qualifications.

Proven Track Record

Doctor Finance and his team have a proven track record of reliable funding and the ability to structure and fund complex deals.