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Residential Mortgages Team that’s Knowledgeable

In Today’s constantly shifting market, it’s impossible for you to successfully navigate the market for the best deals on your own. As your experienced residential mortgage broker in Toronto, we shop for the best available rates, terms and conditions on your behalf. We’ll make those financial institutions and lenders compete for your business

The best mortgage rates

We’ve got over 40 years of experience in the banking industry working for you to get the best mortgage rates and more. What’s more, we have access to 25 banks plus private funds. OMJ Mortgage Capital has managers from major financial institutions ready to help guide you to the mortgage solutions that are right for your particular circumstances.

Our agents work for you. They cherry pick the best of what each financial institution offers and not just what banks and their employees push. Here at OMJ Mortgage Capital, Doctor Finance prescribes independent advice because we work for you. We’re dedicated to your financial health

Customized Solutions from your Mortgage Broker Toronto Professional

Sure, we can get you the lowest mortgage rate at OMJ Mortgage Capital, but that’s only part of how we can help. Let us assess your finances from top to bottom so we can recommend a product that suits your individual needs.

Preferred Rates and Fast, Easy Pre-Approvals

Get pre-approved in minutes so you can jump right into the house hunting process. We’ll even hold the rate we find for you for up to 120 days. We take the hassle out of the mortgage process and can work out all of the terms to save you the most. That even includes a flexible payment schedule that suits your lifestyle. Best of all, we do it for free.

As your credible mortgage broker that’s dedicated to your needs, we’ve left no stone unturned. That means we have access to most major Canadian lenders. What’s more, we can get you preferred interest rates and exceptions through our membership in The President’s Club. Why not get in touch and ask us how today?

Quick Approvals and Fast Closings

Our turnaround times are industry leading. OMJ Mortgage Capital even has an online loan process that’s so fast and easy, you’ll wonder why you ever did it any other way.

Value Added Service

From approval to closing, we’re right beside you through the entire process. A big part of our business focuses on forming long lasting relationships with each and every one of the clients we serve.

Private and Alternate Lenders:

We are proud to serve the GTA as a boutique mortgage broker service that focuses on construction, commercial and residential financing. If you’re looking for private funds with the best rates, why not leverage our decades of experience?

We offer the kind of flexible and customizable solutions you need when it comes to private funds. Keep in mind that regardless of the kind of mortgage you are looking for, we lend primarily based on the value of the property.

At OMJ Mortgage Capital, we have flexible lending and creative financing capabilities to provide clients with first mortgage loans from private/alternate lenders. Our clients have been typically under-serviced by larger conventional institutional lenders due to low income declaration or excessive documentation requirements.

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Morteza Sadeghi (Morty)
Broker - V.P. Residential Mortgages