Private Funds

Banks have strict guidelines and intense documentation requirements and unfortunately and many do not qualify as such. This is wherePrivate funds is the best solution. We can work with you to get you setup with the lending and funding you need.

We are proud to serve the GTA as a boutique mortgage broker service that focuses on construction, commercial and residential financing. If you’re looking for private funds with the best rates, why not leverage our decades of experience?

We offer the kind of flexible and customizable solutions you need when it comes to private funds. Keep in mind that regardless of the kind of mortgage you are looking for, we lend primarily based on the value of the property.

At OMJ Mortgage Capital, we have flexible lending and creative financing capabilities to provide clients with first mortgage loans from private/alternate lenders. Our clients have been typically under-serviced by larger conventional institutional lenders due to low income declaration or excessive documentation requirements.

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Omid Jalili
Principal Broker - President