Multi Residential Buildings
Mixed Use (Storefront Apartment)
Office Condominiums
Medical Buildings
Owner Occupied and Investment Properties
Non-profit & Religious Organizations
Nursing & Retirement Homes
Automotive & Auto Repairs
Gas Stations
Hotels & Motels
Agricultural & Farms
Business Loans and Lines of Credit
Accounts Receivable Financing


Knowledgable Team

Our commercial mortgage team consists of Senior Ex-Commercial Bank Managers. Our team has strong ties with major lenders both Institutional and Private.

Solution Providers

We provide the right solutions with the right rates. We bring extensive experience to the business and offer customized solutions that will work for you.

Special Projects

We finance difficult and special purpose properties such as: Gas Stations, Hotels & Motels, Nursing & Retirement, Automative & Agriculture, Commercial Lines of Credit, Canada Small Business Loan, Fixed Rate Term Loan, Accounts Receivable Financing, Non-profit & Religious Organizations, Owner-occupied, Retail, Industrial, Mixed Use, Multi-residential Building.

Banks work for you

OMJ will bring you even more than just rock-bottom rates, great loan terms and conditions by making the banks compete for your business.

Quick & Hassle free

Loans are approved as quick as 24-48 hours with minimal paperwork. Hassle free financing and expert guidance throughout the entire process.

Customer Service

Your Success is our Success! We have mortgage specialists answering calls and live chatting with clients through our website. We will happily make appointments at your convenience to discuss all your mortgage needs face to face.

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Masoum Jalili
Broker - V.P. Commercial Mortgages