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Office Condominiums
Medical Buildings
Owner Occupied and Investment Properties
Non-profit & Religious Organizations
Nursing & Retirement Homes
Automotive & Auto Repairs
Gas Stations
Hotels & Motels
Agricultural & Farms
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A Commercial Mortgage with a Team of Senior Ex-Bankers

We are a team of ex-commercial bank managers dedicated to better serving our valued clients in the commercial mortgage space. What’s more, we’ve cultivated strong ties with both institutional and private lenders so all the bases are covered for our commercial mortgage customers. Here at OMJ Mortgage Capital, our results exceed customer expectations. Why? Because we lend based on property values and cash flows.

Doctor Finance always has the right diagnosis complete with quick closings and turnaround times for your peace of mind. Minimum documentation coupled with preferred rates, terms and conditions are all part of our dedication to creative financing excellence

An Impressive Track Record

Doctor Finance, through professionalism and a strong worth ethic, has been nominated as one of the Top Commercial Brokers for 2015, 2016 and 2017. With more than two decades of experience in the commercial mortgage industry and over a billion dollars in commercial and construction financing, Doctor Finance has become one of the GTA’s most recognized commercial mortgage brokers

Experienced team

Doctor Finance and his team of senior ex-bankers have the knowledge and expertise to finance complex deals and special purpose properties such as: hotels, gas stations, churches, retirement homes, schools and farms.

Remember Doctor Finance has the mortgage team that has already helped thousands of clients. We tailor each situation to your best interest and tell you what your bank won’t. We have relationships to get you the best rates and mortgage terms. The low interest rates we’ll find for you are better than anything the bank offers

Hassle Free, Efficient and Fast

One to two days. That’s all the time it can take to obtain a letter of intent on a commercial financing deal with us. Professional guidance complements the expert financing you get when you use our services

Service Excellence

All your mortgage needs are looked after by the team of specialists who live chat on our website and answer your calls. Looking to sit down in our offices to discuss your needs and requirements? Why not make an appointment with our commercial mortgage broker team today?

Private and Alternative Lenders

At OMJ Mortgage Capital, we have flexible lending and creative financing capabilities. Our products provide clients who have been typically under-serviced by larger conventional institutional lenders with first mortgage loans on a wide range of properties. These include:

  • commercial buildings
  • hotels and motels
  • retirement and nursing home facilities
  • development lands
  • industrial buildings
  • plazas and shopping centers
  • mixed use/ store front apartments.
  • churches and temples1
  • parking lots
  • multi-family residential
  • storage facilities

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Masoum Jalili
Broker - V.P. Commercial Mortgages