Knowledge is Power: Here’s an overview of the mortgage application process

Monday, 01 May 2017 10:57

Responsible mortgage brokers like us are always telling our clients they need to get and stay informed about their rights and what they need to know to make the right decisions about homeownership. Of course that includes one of the most important aspects in the mortgage application process. Understanding how this initial process works will put you on a good footing when it comes time to start down the path to getting a house of your own.

If you stop to think about it for a minute, you’ll see it’s understandable the lending institution that is considering lending you the money for a new home wants to be sure they stand an excellent chance of getting paid back. Part of the process of how to calculate mortgage payments starts here with some information gathering. Think a little more and you’ll see that beyond the information that helps them to identify you like a social insurance number, they will also be curious about the things that speak to your character like where you’ve worked and for how long.


It’s also a good idea to put together some data on where you’ve lived and are currently living so lenders can get a snapshot of your life and start putting together a picture of your reputation and trustworthiness.

One of the bigger factors you’ve likely already heard about when it comes to the mortgage application process is your credit history and your financial net worth. Here’s an excellent hint if you’re thinking about getting involved. Your credit score is an important aspect and you’ll want to present it in a favorable light. If you’ve had some trouble with credit in the past, repairing those bad numbers often means making a real effort to pay your bills on time and making more than just the minimum down payment.