Here’s the tools you need to look after your home

Wednesday, 20 July 2016 18:49

There are a million questions even after you get settled into that new home. You’ve gone through that big learning curve that started with you asking: “What is a mortgage?” Now, you’ve got a chance to shut the door, grab a seat (even if that means sitting on the floor until you get some furniture) and start wondering what’s next in your home ownership journey.

Two words should spring to mind—repairs and maintenance but not necessarily in that order. Still, you’re going to need some tools because part of your new responsibilities entails fixing what you can when you can.

Start with a good hammer. Don’t make the newbie mistake of thinking that any old hammer will do and you should grab the very first one in the bin just inside the Home Depot doors. Take the time to buy one with a hickory or ash hand to absorb the shock of driving nails and a curved claw for pulling out all the ones that don’t go in straight on the first try.

Next you’ll need some manner of screwdriver. There’s no need to jump into refinancing a mortgage to buy a contractor set grade either. The average homeowner can get by quite nicely with one that has multiple heads that detach and store right in the body. It’s good to make sure you get one with Phillips and Robertson bits since those are two of the more common screw types everyone has around almost every home.

Finally, you’ll need a good tape measure to get acquainted with the lengths and widths of all the things you’re going to need to work on. Taking the time to get one that has a lock will save on time and frustration when you try and measure those areas longer than your outstretched arms.